Who We Are


Favorite way to unwind?
My favorite way to unwind is with girlfriends having inspired heartfelt conversation, or if I need downtime I love to watch TED talks and motivational YouTube videos.

Perfect date night?
I love to stay home for a date night.  Grab a cocktail and enjoy an evening outside, grill and end the evening with binge watching a Netflix series or the latest greatest movie.

When I am not at work:
I have a strong interest in the quest of spiritual truths. I have studied several energy healing modalities, practice daily meditation and am passionate about pursuing higher consciousness.

What her co-workers say about Barb:
“She is the most amazing boss!”
“She is a great mentor!”
“She is a passionate about education!”


Favorite way to unwind?
My favorite way to unwind is a weekend in the woods with no electricity and a deck of cards. During the week-a long run or bike ride with a great Spotify playlist does the trick.

When I am not at work:
I am often outside walking my dog, playing paintball, ice fishing, or binge watching Netflix. I love discovering new hobbies!

Boots or tennis shoes?
I would have to say it is 50/50 ad I have a equal need and love of both!

What her co-workers say about Ayriel:
“A breathe of fresh air”
“So sweet and kind”
“She is helpful and motivated”


ABCH Certified

If you could meet anybody for lunch, who would it be and where would you go?
I would love to meet the Queen of England and take her to a sushi and hibachi restaurant! That would be an adventure, for some reason I can not picture the Queen eating sushi or picking out her own vegetable bowl for the hibachi grill!

Have you ever earned a trophy in anything?
I earned the Most Improved and Top ‘ShipShape’ Sailor at Sailing Camp in middle school. It was a good thing I improved as my Grandpa had a sail boat on Lake Minnetonka and we sailed most weekends with family and he was not always very patient with us!

Book or movie?
Movie! I love to snuggle up with my dog, Tucker and watch the newest release on DVD. I have seen the beginning of most movies but admit I often fall asleep before the ending.

Coworkers thought on Aly:
“Aly loves to learn anything and everything about hair”
“She is great listener”
“She has a positive enthusiastic attitude!”


Favorite way to unwind?
My favorite way to relax and unwind is to sew and quilt. I enjoy going on quilting retreats to work on my lastest project. I spend a lot of time visiting and laughing but still manage to get some quilting done.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Sandra Bullock! She is a great actress, I loved her in “While you were sleeping” but the movie of my life may not be as sweet and romantic!

Pomade or hairspray?
Hairspray! Can’t live without it! But my all time favorite on my curls is the Eufora Pure Polish!

Coworkers thoughts on Carl:
“Great sense of humor”
“She is dedicated to her clients”
“She is a very hard worker”


Clinical & Therapeautic Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy

If you could meet anybody for lunch who would it be and where would you go
I would meet my late Grandmother Joan; everyone says we are so much alike! We would go on a picnic and never stop talking!

What do you like to do outside of work?
Spend time with my husband and three daughters! There is never a dull moment in our house!

Pomade or hairspray?
Volumizing hairspray-my best friend!

Coworkers thoughts on Amber:
“Amber is very knowledgable”
“Amber is devoted to family and her salon guests”
“Amber gives the best razor cuts!”


If you didn’t work as a stylist what would you do?
Be a personal shopper and fashion stylist. I love to shop for clothes and dress people for special events. I would love to style photo shoots and do everything from clothes to makeup to accessories.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Emma Stone or Christina Applegate- but they would both have to let me color their hair darker!

Boots or tennis shoes?
Sassy Boots all the way!

Coworkers thoughts on Danielle:
“Danielle gives the best fashion advice”
“She is loves her family, they are all very close”
“Danielle is so creative and artistic”



What is your favorite way to unwind?
So many things I enjoy doing, I love to shop with girlfriends, play with the puppies outside and read a good book.

Have you ever earned a trophy for anything?
In high school for choir, National Honor Society, cheerleading and academic achievements.

Book or Movie?
Read the book first and then watch the movie!

Coworkers thoughts on Annie:
“Great all around artist in hair, makeup and photography”
“She is kind to everyone”
“Patience is her strength”


What would you do if you were not a nail technician?
I really love my job, but I would love to be a professional tourist and travel for a living! I wonder where I apply for that job and how much that pays?

What would your perfect date night be?
Sitting under palm trees on the beach watching the sunset! There is nothing I love more! It could be the perfect date if I could only get my husband to travel with me!

Boots or tennis shoes?
Neither! Sandals! I love sandals to show off my perfectly pedicured toes! I look forward to the new O.P.I. collection for fun update to the minute colors!

Coworkers thoughts on Bonnie:
“She is super creative”
“Bonnie has the best outgoing personality”
“She is so loving”


What do you want your potential guests to know about you?
I am certified in LCN Gel Nails- a light cured resin that is safer for the natural nail and more durable than acrylic nails.

We are passionate professionals dedicated to building a more beautiful and confident world with communication and creativity, one guest at a time!